Mountain is the first white wine made by Bertha cellars. The vineyard is located next to the cellars, consisting of 2.5 hectares of Xarel·lo 65 years old. The earth is clayey and limestone, so it gives the wine exceptional salinity and mineralization.

The vineyard has been worked with great care, making a smart pruning to achieve the highest quality, we have respected the herbaceous layer when necessary, we have followed the guidelines necessary to work ecologically, we have given the plant its utmost importance for its development Is sustainable. The plants are very old and should be treated very carefully. The collection has been manual.

The wine is 100% Xarel·lo, it has been made a previous selection of the grape in the vineyard, it has been taken in boxes of 25 kilos. The grape has been frozen before pressing, to delay the fermentation and to improve the extraction of the pulp attached to the skin.
The fermentation has been very slow with different selected yeasts and low temperatures. There has been a maceration of mothers with wine for 7 months in stainless steel tank, and a breeding in bottle for 6 months. It really is a long wine.

Year: 2015
Alcohol content (% vol.): 12.65
Acidity in tartaric: 7 gr / l. PH: 3.04
Varieties of grape: Xarel·lo: 100%

Añada: 2015
Grado alcohólico (% vol.): 12,65
Acidez en tartárico: 7 gr/l. PH: 3,04
Variedades de uva: Xarel·lo: 100 %