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The Bertha Siglo XXI is produced with macabeo, xarel·lo, parellada and a 15% of chardonnay.

Bertha Siglo XXI Gran Reserva is made of Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel·lo and only 10% Chardonnay, a coupage thus creating a cava with its own personality.

It has a long minimum maturation, of 36 months, which produces a great aromatic complexity. Therefore, we do not find primary or fresh fruit aromas, but a mixture of yeast, bakery or confectionery products flavours as well as autolysis aromas which bring the smoked and toasted products, mature fruit, cooked vegetables, dried fruit and woodland flavours.

It enters with fresh, elegant and smooth taste with very subtle and well-integrated carbon dioxide and with toasted products aromas. Its aftertaste is very long and delicate.

Bertha Siglo XXI Gran Reserva is perfect to serve either with flavoury meals or during the whole meal.
We don’t add sulphur taste during the disgorging process.